The protocols developed by MEDEX have been conceived to include the three areas that make an exercise program: Cardiovascular, Stretching and muscle strengthening. Regardless if the final objective is to rehabilitate, prevent or exercise at a high performance level, the protocols are conceived in an integral way, assigning the same importance to each of these three training aspects, taking into account the individual aspects of each person, as well as the specific goals they wish to achieve, designing the programs based on what they want, can and must do. This allows us to create personalized programs, achieving the maximum efficiency in the least amount of time, reducing drastically the risk of injury.


High Performance Strengthening Program Content


Our High Performance Strengthening Program is subdivided into 4 phases (prevention, strengthening, competition and recovery) and it is designed to optimize the athlete’s performance, amateur or professional, reducing the risk of injury and programming the training sessions so that they peak at the competition phase.

The High Performance program includes:

1.     Cardiovascular resistance work using our especially designed aerobic equipment.

2.     Use of the FORCE and CURVE equipment from WOODWAY (depending on the training phase).

3.     Progressive resistance work for the improvement of muscle power, using specialized high tech equipment and applying the “MEDEX Method”, our training method with over b40 years of proven effectiveness.

4.     Special training sessions with our exclusive MEDEX LUMBAR EXL MACHINE, which will allow the specific strengthening of the paravertebral muscles of the lower back.

5.     Exercises in the Dynavision D2, the brain gym, which helps improve the reflexes and reaction times, as well as peripheral vision.

6.     We compliment the exercise program with flexibility and stretching exercises using our MEDEX SUPER STRETCH MACHINE.

7.     All this under the constant supervision and support of our technical team.

Our program was especially created for the clinical and competitive sports areas, efficiently complementing any athlete’s training program.

As part of our high performance program, a series of evaluations that allow to determine the athlete’s condition throughout his/her training is offered, also available for any other person who wishes to know his/her actual condition, through a series of objective studies which will provide adequate information about those aspects that can be improved upon, therefore optimizing his/her performance in whichever field they are in.

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